Grades Needed to Raise your GPA to a 3.0 from a 2.9

From a 2.9 to 3.0 GPA

If you currently have a 2.9 GPA or B- average, these are the future grades you will need to maintain for the remainder of your classes to graduate with a 3.0 B average. To use this table, find the semester you most recently completed in the first column, then locate the GPA you must maintain to achieve a 3.0. Note that it becomes harder to change your GPA as you progress in your studies.

I have completedFuture grades needed to average 3.0
Freshman 1st Semester3.0 B
Freshman 2nd Semester3.0 B
Sophomore 1st Semester3.1 B
Sophomore 2nd Semester3.1 B
Junior 1st Semester3.2 B
Junior 2nd Semester3.3 B+
Senior 1st Semester3.7 B+

Raise or maintain your GPA

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