Top Ranked Nebraska Colleges

The Best Colleges in Nebraska Ranked for 2018

These are the best four year colleges in Nebraska as ranked by EasyCollege. This Nebraska ranking is a subset of our national ranking of the best colleges in America. Our ranking methodology is purely statistical and not subjective in nature. Measuring factors include but are not limited to: student body intellect as indicated by admission scores, graduation rate and admission selectivity. In order to be considered for the ranking, a school must offer four year undergraduate degrees, selectively admit students and be a non-profit institution. Leading our 2018 ranking as the best college in Nebraska is Creighton University.

List of The Best Colleges & Universities in Nebraska
Rank College National Academic Rank1 National Selectivity Rank2 National Graduation Rank3
1 Creighton University 205 828 189
2 University of Nebraska Lincoln 206 1,015 367
3 Nebraska Methodist College of Nursing & Allied Health 1,471 108 162
4 Nebraska Wesleyan University 408 1,111 443
5 Concordia University Seward 654 1,084 757
6 Doane University 950 1,050 472
7 University of Nebraska at Omaha 350 1,014 1,113
8 Hastings College 1,049 859 669
9 Grace University 479 503 1,440
10 Clarkson College 1,468 347 668
11 University of Nebraska at Kearney 870 1,265 520
12 Union College 1,155 430 1,380
13 Midland University 1,067 558 1,076
14 York College 1,170 197 1,424
15 BryanLGH College of Health Sciences 1,469 1,286 1,772

Ranking Methodology

Overall Rank is calculated based on the following school characteristics.

1National Academic Rank is calculated using standardized test admission data as well as GPA data for admitted freshman.
2National Selectivity Rank is based on admission selectivity for incoming students starting the 2015-2016 academic year.
3National Graduation Rank is based on the percentage of students graduating with bachelor's degrees within six years.

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